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About Us

RealService helps you put customer experience at the heart of your real estate business.

We do four things:

  1. Find out the type of experience that your customers have now and want in the future
  2. Help you design and improve the way you deliver that experience
  3. Measure the impact and benchmark the results
  4. Help you develop your skills and keep innovating

The result: memorable customer experiences and improved business performance.

RealService can trace its origins back to a ‘light bulb’ moment that our founder, Howard Morgan, had at a New York seminar in the early 1990’s. Howard was inspired by the simple idea that successful real estate is not just about bricks and mortar – it is also about providing great service to customers.

Howard returned to the UK and shared his vision for the future of the property industry: landlords as property suppliers and tenants as valued customers. He envisioned an industry where property owners would become brands or even super-brands, businesses with whom you’d positively want to do business. After successfully putting this award-winning strategy into action in a high-profile client role, Howard had the courage of his convictions to launch his own consultancy, RealService, in 1999. Even then some mocked the idea of making a living by teaching landlords to love their tenants! Today, almost 20 years later, we’re proud that RealService is perceived as a leading thinker, adviser and champion.
Working alongside Howard are his fellow directors Sue Flatto and Louise Freethy. They have brought together a team of consultants with expertise in all areas of our industry who are enthusiastic and committed to helping clients bring customer experience to life. For our clients, and us, the motive is not altruistic – it’s to drive the 3 R’s of real estate – revenue, retention and reputation. We believe customer experience and property performance go hand in hand. We’re a business based on values – we want to be perceived as pioneers, with a youthful spirit, expert in our subject and caring in the way we do business. We’re proud of what we have achieved over the past 20 years and even more excited about the future.



RealService hires people with a variety of skills including research, consulting, design, marketing, foreign languages and technology. A genuine interest in people and an enquiring mind are essential.

We recruit from many backgrounds – marketing, research, communications, consulting, administration, finance, retail, hospitality, legal and property – to name just some.
We are great believers in work-life balance and have supported flexible employment from our very beginning. We are an equal opportunities employer, value diversity and actively encourage volunteering.

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Our Services

All companies provide a customer experience. Yours does as well, whether you’ve created it deliberately or left it to run its own course. That experience may be wonderful, woeful or just bland.

Our services help you ensure that experience is memorable for all the right reasons. We help you close the gap between what your customers expect and what they actually get.
The tools of our trade, developed working with clients for almost 20 years, include Voice of Customer research, customer journey design, cultural change programmes, benchmarking and training.



Our Voice of the Customer research – with business contacts (B2B) and consumers (B2C) – allows you to connect and engage with your customers at key stages in the customer journey.

Our quantitative and qualitative research techniques provide the hard data and customer insights about your customers’ satisfaction, needs, expectations and experiences of your products and services.
We can help you with:

  • Customer experience studies
  • Client perception studies
  • Prospective customer and lost enquiry studies
  • Employee and visitor well-being
  • Mystery shopping
  • Ethnographic (observational) research


QUEST, our bespoke software platform, puts real-time actionable customer feedback and insight at your fingertips.

Specifically designed to support the real estate industry, this cloud-based system stores all your customer feedback in one place enabling you to compare and contrast results over time. QUEST charts and analysis tools allow you to easily search, filter and share information. You can easily track performance at a business, product, department or customer level.
QUEST keeps your data safe and secure and helpfully puts you in control of who you wish to share it with. With QUEST you can be sure that the information, insights and trends you need are there for you to action on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and definitely not lost in reports.


Our consulting expertise has been developed over many years working with an exciting and diverse range of clients. We act as strategic adviser, coach or facilitator to help you to develop a customer experience vision, strategy and implementation plan for your business.

We can help you with:

  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer experience handbooks and induction guides
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Balanced Scorecard programmes
  • Motivational presentations at staff conferences and workshops
  • Keynote speaker
  • Industry research, reports and copywriting
We know the importance you place on being able to measure accurately your baseline performance and to monitor progress on a real-time basis.

RealService has pioneered the measurement and analysis of customer feedback in real estate. We can help you to benchmark your performance with your peers, within your business and with other service industries.
RealService  benchmarks include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer effort
We equip your teams with the know-how and skills to turn the dream of a great customer experience into reality.

RealService has developed a variety of training courses to inform, challenge and inspire. We offer introductory, intermediate and advanced programmes which can be tailored to your requirements.

Whether you are looking to motivate your front of house teams or senior management, we can give all the support you need to make change happen.

Customer Journey Mapping courses

RealService has brought this new and exciting Customer Experience technique to the property industry.

Leading brands use customer journey mapping to get happier customers, increased loyalty, better brand perception, improved efficiency and higher revenue.

BCO Guide to Office Service Standards

Following the BCO research project in 2015, RealService was commissioned by the BCO Occupier Group to undertake a new research study. This study underpinned the creation of a new guide to help improve performance and satisfaction in multi-occupied office buildings.


RealService offers a comprehensive, timely and responsive service combined with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the property industry.

British Land May 18, 2016


Our Clients

We count ourselves lucky to work with so many clients who share our passion for creating great places, great experiences and great memories.

Our clients include REITs, property companies and owners, investors, property managers, developers, property advisers and professional bodies. We work across all sectors including offices, industrial and logistics, shopping centres, residential property and rural estates, in the UK and across Europe.

Our Team

Our team of customer experience consultants bring a wealth of talents, experience and skills to RealService. Just click on the photo to reveal a short profile of each team member.

You’ll discover that we have among the team property and business experts, retailers, marketers, communications professionals, writers, research experts, analysts, classicists and academics. What unites us is an insatiable curiosity and fascination for people.

Our clients tell us they enjoy working with us because we are intellectually challenging and creative, yet warm and fun to be around. Why not put us to the test?

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RT @MakeExperiences Join our 'digital hangout' with other CX professionals in Real Estate to share best practice, learn how others are adapting to current changes and support one another

RT @MakeExperiences Join our 'digital hangout' with other CX professionals in Real Estate to share best practice, learn how others are adapting to current changes and support one another

About 5 days ago