Customer Experience Revolution – Closing the Skills Gap

WRITTEN BY Claire Middleton
POSTED ON April 16, 2019

Finding the property alchemists

THE property manager of the future will have to embrace a magical set of skills, according to the BCO report The Customer Experience Revolution – Closing the Skills Gap which was launched at Landsec on April 11.

The report, authored by RealService, found that current routes into traditional property management do not prepare new recruits to deal with customers who are becoming more demanding and who expect the levels of service on offer from co-working providers.

“While some property owners and managers and adopting a customer-focused approach, the pace of change is neither sufficiently quick, nor sufficiently wide-reaching,” it said.

Howard Morgan, the managing director of RealService and one of the report’s authors, said: “The property manager of the future will have to embrace business and customer experience expertise, as well as technical know-how. They will be the alchemists of the property world, mixing these base skills together and turning them into gold.”

The report was well received by those who attended the launch.

“Change has got to come from the top,” said Virginia Rothwell, the UK HR director of JLL, one of the sponsors of the research.

“You need to train your people on how to engage with customers or clients. Find your alchemists and put the spotlight on them. Amplify what they do.”

The report was the third commissioned by the BCO to be authored by RealService. It offers an eight-stage road map for the future and can be downloaded by BCO members at http://www.bco.org.uk/Research/Publications/The_Customer_Experience_Revolution_-_Closing_the_Skills_Gap.aspx

RealService can help you at all stages of the road map. If you would like to gain customer insights, identify skills gaps in your current workforce or start your customer experience revolution, please contact Howard Morgan at RealService via the details below or see our website www.real-service.com.

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BCO members can download the full report at http://www.bco.org.uk/Research/Publications/The_Customer_Experience_Revolution_-_Closing_the_Skills_Gap.aspx

For more information about the report contact

Howard Morgan +44 20 3393 9603