Champions of change: RealService partners with Experience Makers

WRITTEN BY RealService
POSTED ON May 30, 2019

Experience Makers is working across all property sectors, not just within the traditional silos. It’s a convivial place to meet fellow pioneers

FOR two decades, customer experience consultancy RealService have been helping clients put their occupier customers front and centre.

In 1999, back when it all started, this was a pioneering approach. Then, we were told that treating tenants as customers would never catch on! Now, thankfully, for occupiers – residential, office, retail and industrial alike – it’s becoming the norm.

So, what’s the next step?

“Finding customer experience inspiration within and outside our industry is the lifeblood of our business,” said RealService founder and MD Howard Morgan.

 “So, it makes perfect sense to become a founder partner of Experience Makers, a new community which brings together the people who ‘put life and soul into property’.”

Key to the relationship is the synergy between the two organisations.

“Experience Makers aligns with our values of being expert, pioneering, young-minded and caring,” said Morgan. “It’s creating a network of people who are not necessarily mainstream property people, but who have a lot to give the industry and can provide a fresh approach, fresh ideas.

“Experience Makers is working across all property sectors, not just within the traditional silos. It’s a convivial place to meet fellow pioneers.”

Welcoming RealService to the new network, Experience Makers’ producer Harriet Jones said: “There’s a lot of talk in property about ‘creating an emotional connection with customers’ and Experience Makers is bringing this to life through its events, educational programmes and research.

“This is the connection which generates loyalty, which makes people recommend you. It’s the connection which all businesses should be striving to have with their customers.”

Morgan is excited by the potential of Experience Makers to champion change.  “We think the contacts, the knowledge base and the networking opportunities it presents will help us grow our business and give us the insight to serve our customers even better.”

At the hub of Experience Makers is producer Jones, who came to the role via designing stores for Ted Baker followed by a Master’s degree in Narrative Environments at Central St Martins. CSM is the creative centre of the academic art and design scene in London and, having finished her post-graduate qualification, Jones worked in their Innovation and Business team.

“The aim of Experience Makers is to help people better understand their customers and understand what a great experience encompasses. We can help them see how to make that emotional connection,” she said.

While Experience Makers has a keen eye on the property industry, part of its remit is to break down barriers and convince property people that outside influencers can bring new ideas which cut across the traditional sectors.

“Our Innovate Academy at Central St Martins was about creativity in design; our recent Sound and Music event looked at property through the lens of musical infrastructure. Our next event looks at how technology can transform customer experience,” said Jones.

“We want to explore what makes great experiences, inspire the people who are charged with creating them and celebrate and profile those who do.”

To find out more about Experience Makers, please go to www.experiencemakers.com